A downloadable game for Windows

Base of the game
The game develops in 30 days.
Our goal is to manage our time by performing the different actions that benefit the goal we want to reach at the end of the 30 days.
The character has obligatory actions, which directly affect their different statistics and consume a large amount of time
To work
Going to college
Secondary actions, you can do them when you do not have to perform mandatory activities and consume a smaller amount of time, these do not have to be done at specific times, but eventually they have to be performed
Sleep early
Optional actions, which you can do in your free time, and you can finish the game without doing any
Advance project
Playing video games
Go to the bathroom
Go for a walk

The statistics of the character are:
(Some actions need some stat to be full)

Each end depends on what happened with the progress bars of University, Work and Projects

Javier Baimason - Director, Programming.
Alejandro Gonzales - Programming.
Isaac Leiton - Music.
Steven Quiros - Pixel-Art

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lookingforwardstudio/


Chronomina Ver0.5.2.exe 3 MB

Development log


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this game is so cool!

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Ways the game can be seriously improved:

1.Give your players ability to skip the intro completely. It seriously gets on nerves.

2.Replace bars with numbers, so players could better plan ahead. Technically it's possible to just count strips in bars, but it costs time and error-prone

action number 1
of Draw Event
for object obj_CuentaGrande:

Variable obj_player.<unknown variable>(100061, -2147483648) not set before reading it.
at gml_Object_obj_CuentaGrande_Draw_0

It's the error that crash the game right before I win it, when the screen turn white after the timer reach 0:0:0:0
I reached two time the end of the game with all progress bar totally filled, and I didn't seen the end of the game yet because of this bug x: (which took me some time)

I play the game on Windows 10

It didn't happened when I only slept and reached the ending where I didn't succeed anything, and it don't happen for the game overs.
I did happen for the ending where I only succeed in work.
(so I think it happen for any good ending and not for any bad ending)

I didn't tried other endings yet, and since it's the same error it doesn't matter (plus I don't want to lose time by playing a game that I can't win, even though I like the game).

I hope it'll help to improve the game for other players (and maybe me later) to finish it.